CFM QB Situations for Madden 17

CFM QB Situations for Madden 17

When considering any NFL team’s chances to win the big one the conversation begins with the man behind center. While a great Madden user can turn ill prepared NFL Quarterbacks like RGIII, Johnny Football and Brett Hundley into stars on the virtual field, the push toward an even more simulation product should mean a greater emphasis on having a capable starter at QB. Some things are likely to never change. The Madden version of RGIII and Kaep will always be more effective than their real life counterparts. So, it’s important for any CFM Owner to carefully consider their teams QB Situation. Are you lucky enough to roll with the MVP, Super Cam, for the entire cycle? Do you need to get the QB Retirement Coach Trait to keep Big Ben on the field and Landry Jones off it? Do you feel strongly enough as a coach that you can harness Jay Cutler’s arm or does a QB have to be on your immediate draft board? Here’s a breakdown of every teams QB Situation going into Madden 17.


Tier 1: Set

These QB situations will be the easiest to navigate. You got an already elite or soon to be elite starter to carry you the cycle. With a number of promising young signal callers in the League, Tier 1 makes up a large amount of your CFM team choices.

Panthers: The MVP Cam Newton can do it all and he’s young enough to be elite for the duration. This is probably the best QB situation in Madden.

Titans: Marcus Mariota showed enough his rookie year that he will be able to develop into an elite QB early in the cycle and stay that way. Big kid who’s extremely mobile.

Colts: Andrew Luck has been dubbed the next great QB since he came in the League. Big body, big arm, very accurate, and deceptively athletic.

Eagles: Unlike the NFL, Madden CFM owners will know exactly what they are getting in Rookie QBs. Goff and Wentz (like Winston and Mariota the year before) were taken 1 and 2 overall and will be rated accordingly. Wentz will have a sky high ceiling. He’s big and athletic and should be able to develop fairly quickly into 1 of the top QBs in the League.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers will be the highest rated QB going into Madden 17. At 32 he shouldn’t see a real decrease in skills anytime soon. Toward the very end of the cycle there’s the chance he regresses or retires but you should have plenty of time to plan for that. Along with Hundley serving as an exciting back up the Pack has one of the best QB situations for CFM owners.

Buccaneers: Jameis Winston showed a lot of promise his rookie year. Most importantly to anyone considering the Bucs he did nothing in his rookie season that should limit his development and ceiling in Madden. Meaning very quickly, and for the complete cycle, Jameis will be one of the top QBs in the League.

Seahawks: Russell Wilson has gotten paid and he deserves every penny. While he may be a little small for many NFL GMs and Madden owners, Wilson has proven he’s an elite QB. With his legs he’s a dangerous weapon in or outside of the pocket.

Rams: The First pick in the NFL draft, Jared Goff out of Cal is ready to lead your CFM Rams. With the number 1 pick generally comes attributes and development high enough to lift Goff into the elite conversation like other 1st picks Cam, Jameis, and Luck.


Tier 2: Almost Perfect

You may have a decision to make at some point but luckily for you the answers are in the back of the book. Not as likely to have a top 5 guy for the entire cycle but a good owner shouldn’t be breaking controllers because of these QBs play.

Patriots: Tom Brady is amazing, but with Gisele at home you gotta retire at some point. Brady will be great for a season maybe 2. That gives a competitive owner a 1 or 2 year window to have as good a chance as any to win a ring. Having a promising back up in Garappolo to take the reigns leaves the Patriots in a very good spot.

Bills: Tyrod Taylor surprised people last year. The Bills expected him to just compete with EJ Manuel and Matt Cassell. Taylor not only grabbed the starting job but showed a ton of potential in the process. He has good legs, which is more an important than anything to Madden Owners, and proved he can make a lot of tough throws. If Tyrod isn’t your style, 5th rd pick Cardale Jones just may be. A huge kid with a Cannon Arm. Either way you go the Bills have good options and value at QB.

Jaguars: Blake Bortles has shown he can be a competent starter in the NFL. He’s big and has all the skills necessary to lead the Jags all cycle. The Jags will likely be a highly sought after team, but they do have some holes that need to be addressed. QB should not be one of them.

Raiders: The Raiders may have an emerging star in Derek Carr. Carr is a big reason the Raiders could land as a top 5 pick in the upcoming team draft. He is athletic, has a big arm, and has already shown he can make all the throws. Connor Cook as a back up isn’t terrible either. This is the closest Tier 2 to being Tier 1 but Carr’s tendency to get dinged up drops them here.

Broncos: While the real life Broncos have a real bad situation at QB for this upcoming season, the CFM Broncos are looking very enticing. Late first round pick Paxton Lynch is tall and mobile. He should have a very high ceiling and lead a loaded Broncos team to a ton of wins.

Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater isn’t wowing anybody the way Luck or Aaron Rodgers is, but he is a very solid young QB with room to grow. His weakness is attacking deep which is a big drawback to Madden owners. He is however solid at everything else including being mobile enough to escape the pocket. Much like Bortles and Carr, Teddy is in a great situation to lead an up and coming team for the entire Madden Cycle.


Tier 3: Questions

If your team falls in here you have more questions than answers at QB. “We are going to have to replace or Probowl level veteran soon” to “We paid this guys and now have no idea what kind of QB he is”. The majority of the League falls somewhere in here. This is where an Owners managerial abilities will be put to the test.

Dolphins: A common theme of Tier 3 is “Is this guy good or not?”. No one epitomizes this more than Ryan Tannehill. No idea. Could be great. Could be a back up. I see things half full for Tannehill. He’s big and mobile and has enough arm strength to make most throws. Out of the Tier 3’s this is one of the better ones.

Steelers: Big Ben has been the man in the Steel City. But he can’t be forever. If Ben retires in a season or 2 you’re in trouble. If he stays for 6 you’re dancing in the streets. Without a viable heir apparent, like the Patriots, the Steelers need to ride Ben for everything he has and come up with a plan to succeed him soon.

Ravens: Joe Flacco was great at the right time. He hit it big winning the SuperBowl in a contract year, and since….ummm not good. He is still a solid starter with a big arm but things don’t look nearly as promising in Baltimore as they did when he got that contract and Joe Cool’s play is a big part of that.

Browns: I know. They should be lower. I want to put them lower. However, RGIII is a Madden QB. My guess is that he can still be turned into an above average QB pretty quickly, but I hope I’m wrong. Oh, and Josh McCown and Cody Kessler are trash.

Bengals: The Red Rifle. The best thing about Andy Dalton is his nickname. He’s fine. You could start Dalton the entire cycle and win a ton of games with the Bengals, even a Championship, but he ain’t great and he never will be.

Texans: So much of Tier 3 is this: He’s fine, really, he’s fine. Brock Osweiler is fine. Like so many other teams, as the Texans owner you will be able to compete with Brock, but just about every draft you’ll be scouting QBs hoping a transcendent talent falls in your lap.

Chargers: See Steelers.

Cowboys: See Steelers. *Except Romo is just as likely to get injured as he is to retire. Maybe Dak Prescott can be groomed quickly into a starting QB. He’s mobile enough for some Madden owner to take the chance. However, I wouldn’t expect him to be able to sling it down field with much success.

Lions: Matt Stafford is only 28. 28!? Hasn’t he been in the League for like 15 years? Anyway, Stafford is a plenty capable QB. His huge arm is perfect for Madden. The issue is he isn’t particularly accurate and many believe that Megatron made up for many shortcomings. If the EA devs feel the same Stafford will probably be a low 80s QB forever.

Falcons: Matt Ryan even in his best seasons has only been an okay Madden QB. Not a huge arm and not mobile, what Ryan does best is at the line of scrimmage. While this is a fantastic trait for the QB leading your NFL team it does nothing for the one leading your CFM.

Saints: See Steelers. Seriously, a golden age of QBs is coming to end. Enjoy it while you can because these Hall of Fame level QBs will be leaving the League soon. Nobody in NOLA wants to think about life after Brees, but as the CFM owner you better.

49ers: This falls in the same category as the Browns. Yes, it should be lower, but Colin Kaepernick was built for Madden. Super mobile and a Super Arm. He’s going to take work but all the Madden essential physical attributes are there.

Cardinals: See Steelers, Cowboys, Chargers, Saints…


Tier 4: Now on the Clock

Here you are in a relationship but you can’t help looking around and thinking you could do better.

Chiefs: Alex Smith is 32. He’s not an aging star like Roethlisberger or Rivers. He’s not an underwhelming starter in their prime like Dalton or Tannehill. He’s Alex Smith. You can start him but he’s not great, he’s old, and you need to find a replacement now.

Giants: I can’t stand Eli. Sure this could fall in the “See Steelers” category but he’s never been a very good Madden QB, and now he’s not very good and old. Without a reasonable replacement any Giants owner should make QB a top priority.

Redskins: “You like that!” Not that much. Cousins is okay, but that is all he will ever be. He has a low ceiling and if you hold onto him he’s going to demand a payday in the offseason. The Redskins roster looks as good as it has in years. As the owner if you want to make this team contend year after year I think you have to do better than Cousins.

Bears: Jay Cutler is most famous as the football player your girlfirend knows because of Kristin Cavillari and pictures of a player smoking on the sideline. Cutler, much like Stafford has a huge arm and is capable, but there is not much upside there anymore and a discerning owner is going to be looking to improve the position early.


Tier 5: Not Even When Wasted

If you wake up next to this QB situation your going to feel nothing but shame (and possibly a burning sensation). No legit starter, no promising young prospect in the wings, no hope.

Jets: As of now you can’t even trot out Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for Gang Green. When your best options are Geno Smith or Christian Hackenberg you’re in for a long season. The good news is there is no questions. You HAVE TO get a QB as soon as possible.  (League Crawler edit due to timing - Fitz is on the team now but, his beard is probably a better Madden passer).

With every new Madden comes questions about how much the QB you are using really matters.  Madden 17 is being touted as the closest to simulation football we have every had in a videogame. If this is the case your Quarterback is going to matter more now than ever.



I have been running my 49ers with Jeff Driskel. And I would swap the Chiefs and 49ers.

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