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The very first thing that I chose to talk about is not exactly a rule but something that is a constant battle for commissioners that can be better spent building your league. This is the view of the MBL that have provided the best set up and atmosphere for our league. This articles topic is all about the sliders. The reason to why this is an important element to setting up your league is that this issue can cause a lot of leagues to crash before they even reach week eight. Although it may not be the most popular idea, it is something that is fair and can eliminate a lot of argument and issues when a league is in the most sensitive time, the beginning. The settings in which you play your game are clearly a huge part of the game. They dictate how long the game is played and how difficult it is. When the league is first starting, there are so many issues that members will clash on that you must identify ones that can be simply fixed and removed to reduce tension within the league. If you want to provide an honest and fair way to play the game the best way to do this AND reduce stress on your admin team is to use stock Madden sliders. If we were to adjust one slider higher to cater to those who want it higher, those who want it lower will constantly be pressing the issue arguments and tension. 

Additionally, the game is always getting tuning updates. The sliders will require year round attention which takes away from developing your league. When doing so, admin team to be upfront with those who join, that the Madden stock sliders will be used for the league. Do not worry! If your goal is to be a “sim” league, whatever your variation, these sliders will give you that experience while providing realistic and healthy NFL statistics. The next item which does have some flexibility is the length of each quarter. What may be surprising is that this can have a bigger impact on your statistics realism than any of the thousands of slider adjustments that can be made. Six minutes has worked very well without hurry up offense or chew clock, but can be adjusted within your rules to find the perfect balance. The general point of this is to recognize that when starting a Madden league, there are going to be headaches and challenges. When you bring up the topic of sliders, you could have 32 different opinions, and the truth is that there will always be arguments and debates on each side. As a commissioner there are so many things to handle when growing your league, so constantly debating sliders reduced that critical time. This is where you will find those who will want to make your Madden league, the absolute best that it can be.


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