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  • 2018 League Crawler Tournament Series

    2018 League Crawler Tournament Series

    Get ready everybody!  League Crawler is proud to announce the first ever - 

    LEAGUE CRAWLER TOURNAMENT SERIES sponsored by Players Lounge and Sports Gamers Online!

    Following the success of our Tribute Tournaments, we have decided to partner up with our good friends at Players Lounge and SGO to bring you the first ever tournament series for SIM players.  This will feature players from all over the world in a series of three 64 player brackets fighting for a spot in the final 32 player bracket to take home the final prize!  This is going to be our biggest event ever as it will be for gamers on PS4 and XBOX in their own separate series brackets!  


    The details:

    Tournament Series Setup - The tournament series will be played on both PS4 and XBOX One.  That means all the details below are for both consoles.  

    Registration - Players will register on Players Lounge using the following link

    And can register for Players Lounge here:


  • 2017 League Crawler Awards

    2017 League Crawler Awards

    Happy 2018 everyone!  It's January 1st and that means it's time to hand out some awards!  You might be thinking, wait - has League Crawler ever given out yearly awards before and with what authority do they have to give out such an award?  The answer is clear - we've never done a full blown year end award like this and yes, we have tons of authority.  My legal department (also me) has given the green light to this whole thing so that's all the authority I need.  Actually, this site is all about the community.  As a former commish I know how much hard work and dedication it takes to run a successful league so I made it my mission through this site to highlight and promote the very best the Sports Gaming community has to offer.  I gave out the first and only (at that time) league of the year award in April 2016 to Madden Bomber League after a well deserved rise to the top.  Since then I've kicked around the idea of doing a more full approach to the awards and making it an end of year thing.  As 2016 year end came and went I decided to wait until the end of 2017 to give it a clear cutoff and so here we are.  The major difference bet

  • October 2017 League of the Month - BOTDS!!

    October 2017 League of the Month - BOTDS!!

    Good evening everyone!  We're in full swing with Madden 18 now which always means a few things - people are angry, people are defensive and people are already making their wish lists for Madden 19.  It also means the Browns are already out of playoff contention so if you're a Cleveland guy (I'm not) then there's always better luck in next year!  Anyway, for October 2017's League Crawler League of the Month I decided to feature a league that keeps popping up all over Twitter with their activity.  Please join me in congratulating BOTDS as our League of the Month!  These guys seem to be firing on all cylinders and just recently completed a really sweet upgrade of their Daddy Leagues site that makes their league seem like something you'd see on or something.  Really high level of quality here. 

  • September 2017 League of the Month - USFC!

    September 2017 League of the Month - USFC!
    Happy Madden season everyone! With a new Madden season upon us and the summer finally over, it's time to start recognizing some great leagues out there! Full disclosure, League of the Month really should be monthly but I've found it both difficult to keep up with during the summer for two reasons. I try to spend that time implementing new features for the site in preparation for Madden's release since it's the businest the site gets. I also want to make sure that I'm recognizing great leagues in the time that highlights them the best and mid summer isn't the most advantageous time to highlight a Madden league since it's off-season. That said, I'm always looking for other leagues to highlight from other games as well as we did with BGA last March. So be on the lookout for some FIFA, MLB, 2K, Live and other leagues in the future when it makes sense. Ok, enough of that - let's get to why we're here - to announce September 2017's League of the Month, USFC!!
  • League Crawler Sponsors EA Access MBL Tournament!

    League Crawler Madden Bomber League MBL Madden 18 Tournament

    Hey guys!  I am pleased to announce here on League Crawler that we are sponsoring the upcoming Madden 18 tournament organized by our very good friends over at Madden Bomber League!  This is during EA Access, for XBOX One and going to be really fun!  For those of you that don't know, MBL was out League of the Year last year and is one of the most prominent CFM leagues in the community.  Their content and presentation is virtually unrivavaled and they are bringing their brand to the tournament scene for a Madden 18 kickoff event very soon!  Be sure to register right away as spots will fill quickly!!!

    Click on this link to register now!  



  • Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament

    Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament - Sponsored by SGO, Gamer Gloves and Uncle D's Buffalo Sauce

    That's right folks!  Get ready because League Crawler will be hosting it's FOURTH TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT!  We are still working on all the details but wanted to get this information into your hands as soon as possible!  Here are the details so far:



  • March 2017 League of the Month - BGA!

    March 2017 League of the Month - BGA!

    Happy March everyone!  With March Madness underway and a lot of brackets already busted, I thought this month would be a great month to feature an NBA2K league for league of the month!  Madden is what League Crawler is heaviest in, but we want to make sure everyone knows that we support every sports gaming league out there and as you'll find out in this article, there are some really good things going on in the NBA2K world!  I recently met Hector from BGA through Twitter and knew right away that he was a good fit for our monthly feature article.  This guy is the real deal.  Prompt, smart and focused on his league and brand.  They've been around since 2013 so you know these guys are doing something right!  They run miltiple leagues and formats on both Xbox1 and PS4 as well as tournaments.  What is really exciting about 2K basketball these days is the announcment that the game is teaming up with the real NBA to create E-teams where guys that do the create a player/career feature can join and compete in.  That adds a whole new level to how NBA2K leagues do things and what they are reaching for.

  • LCTV

    League Crawler - LCTV

    Hey everyone!  I want to tell you about a new thing we are trying out called LCTV!  Since so many of you are out there constantly doing cool stuff and broadcasting it on your Twitch channels, we wanted to give you a chance to get some additional exposure by using our channel (which has not gotten any use yet) to broadcast your games, Super Bowls, Draft Parties, Tournaments, Weekly Shows and anything else you can think of.  Here's how it will work (which is subject to change as things get rolling).  Remember - this is NOT JUST FOR MADDEN!!  League Crawler is a sports gaming community for all games, not just Madden so, let us know if you play NBA2K, MLB, FIFA, PES - any sports game and we'll get to work on getting you noticed.

    One Time Streams


  • League of the Month/Year Criteria

    League of the Month/Year Criteria

    Hi guys - recently I have been asked by many League Crawler members how to be "League of the Month".  I usually reply that it's not super scientific because it's not.  That said, there are certain things I tend to look for when trying to find a trending league to spotlight.  Before I get into what I look for, let it be known that I take marginal stock in this whole process and while if it was my league being recognized by this site I do not think it "makes" anything or is more important than it is.  My goal with this site is to connect good leagues with good players.  League of the Month is an extension of that and is meant to highlight the cool things legit leagues are doing and give them a chance to extend that to some of their members as well.  I hope in the future as this site gains popularity and influence that the award will mean even more than it does now but until then, it's my way of saying from one former commish to you - nice work and keep it up.  A rising tide raises all ships.

  • DaDynasty - Feb 2017 League of the Month!

    DaDynasty - Feb 2017 League of the Month!

    Happy February guys!  Wow, what can I say about the year we've had.  I was looking back at the year and when I sent out the Newsletter for February of 2016, it went out to about 550 members.  A year later it will go out to almost 1,500 members!  It's cool to see people using the site and finding value in it.  With that, I keep seeing more and more cool leagues showing up all the time!  This month's League of the Month, DaDynasty is one of the more active leagues on Twitter and has made a name for themselves quickly.  Full disclosure, I'm a big fan of leagues that have their own logo, website, graphics, youtube channel etc.  All of that takes time, talent and energy and the best leagues know that the concept of Full Immersion is paramount to the success of a good league.



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