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  • Are there ethics in Madden?

    League Crawler Ethics in Madden

    Is there such thing as right and wrong in video games? Some say no and others say yes. But in each of us is a gage that says there are things that are right and wrong, but are there ethics in video games? And especially in Madden?

    Video game companies work hard to making the game ‘fun and fair’. Unfortunately people are people and if they have an opportunity to cheat to win many will.

    And the big question is, “I agree in life people shouldn’t lie, cheat, and steal but when it comes to playing video games is it unethical to lie, cheat, and steal?”

    Reading this you probably already have an opinion…so let’s talk about many controversial plays that have people buzzing in Madden 15.

    ‘Unstoppable’ plays?


  • The Bracket is Here! League Crawler Tribute Tournament

    League Crawler Tribute Tournament Bracket

    Hey guys- the wait is finally over!  The bracket is here.  If you haven't looked at the rules yet, they are included in this email and posted on the League Crawler site here:


  • League Crawler Tribute Tournament Rules

    Madden Settings

    Console:  All games are played on the PS4 console

    Difficulty: DEFAULT All Madden Gameplay - No Sliders

    Game Type: Event Type: Exhibition

    Quarter Length: 5 minutes - No accelerated Clock

    Injuries and Fatigue: On

    Broadcasting: Teams will decide which team will broadcast the game on Twitch ahead of time.

    Before Kickoff: All owners will have a 2 minute pause allowance at the start of a game to set their depth chart and audibles.

    Team Selection: Players will play entire tournament with the team they selected at the beginning.


    Playbooks: Custom playbooks are allowed.


  • League of the Month - May 2015 -

    League Crawler League of the Month May 2015

    Hey there League Crawlers - it's time to announce the League Crawler May 2015 League of the Month!  As you may already know, even if it might be hard to tell by the activity on our site, League Crawler isn't just about Madden leagues.  We are a hub for any league out there - Madden, MLB The Show, NBA Live, NHL, etc.  So, with baseball season in full swing and MLB The Show getting some high marks from what I can tell, I wanted to feature a MLB League that seems to be doing a good job.  MLB The Show leagues are pretty new and hard to guage at this point so I started looking through our leagues and found and dug into how they are doing and would like to lend my recommendation to them if you're looking for a baseball league to join.  

  • League Crawler Madden Tribute Tournament!

    League Crawler Madden Tribute Tournament!

    Hey League Crawlers!  I have some exciting news to share with you!  League Crawler will be hosting its first ever tournament pitting the best 2 players from 16 leagues in a one and done bracket to bestow bragging rights on one reigning league!  Here's how it will work:


    Registration is simple - email me or contact me directly on Twitter and let me know of your league's interest - first come, first serve.  You can find us on Twitter @leaguecrawler or via email at

    Entry Fee

    This is our first tournament and we want to make sure we're playing for fun and bragging rights intead of cash, which means free.  I know that might mean the biggest dogs might not come to play, but remember, this tournament is more about generating interest within and for your league than it is about personal gain.



  • Improving Your Players

    League Crawler Improving Your Players

    Improving your players in my eyes is the most important of a successful connected careers. It’s not just a case of know what stats to increase by who to increase and what players will get the best results. Now everyone knows XP is the most common way to improve players, but it isn’t the only one. Confidence can have an impact on a player rating. Confidence ranges from 0 to 100 and can be effected in 2 ways. The 2 ways player confidence can be effected is how they play in the game as well as the way we game prep. Most people use game prep to get XP, but it can always be used for confidence as well. The base confidence is 50 and any movement from that can affect the players overall ratings. Dropping confidence below 50 causes the players to lose their rating and of course if the confidence increases above 50 the player rating will increase with that. So managing player confidence can be important and useful to your teams success. As I stated earlier I said another way to improve you players is XP.


  • How to Win Your Daft.

    League Crawler How To Win Your Draft in Madden 15

    The Connected franchise draft is one of the most fun exciting parts of the season, but if you don’t know what you are doing it can turn into a nightmare and a waste of time.

    First you need to start planning for the draft at the start of every regular season. The new draft class is generated at week 1 so this is a good time for you to go have a look and check the way the draft is looking. I normally like to have a look and see who is projected to go where, as this will change over the season. You will see players that at some points of the season classed as middle of the second round players jump up to the first round, don't worry that much on where a player is slated to go just yet. Also seeing areas of the draft that are light will allow you to plan for what area you may need to acquire from other means i.e. Trades and/or Free Agency.


  • Choosing and Using a Good Forum

    League Crawler Choosing and Using a Good Forum

    Hey guys, I wanted to write about today about the benefits of using a free forum site I found during my days as a commissioner – Nabble.  Back when I was searching for a forum host for my league, I was looking for several things and trying to determine which one would best suit my needs.  I searched Google for Free Forum Hosting and found sites like:


    Free Forums

    Forum Motion

    Zeta Boards

    I know a lot of guys use ProBoards but I chose Free Forums initially and then eventually migrated to Forum Motion for a bit.  Both of those moves were in my first season as a commissioner.  If you were wondering, no – it is not a good idea to ask your owners to register for your forum and then go register for another.  Most guys barely read what you send out as it is so getting them registered is tough enough and having them migrate from one to the other is nearly impossible.  So – do your research and stick with it.


  • How to Properly build your defense.

    League Crawler Building Defense in Madden 15

    Offense wins game, defense wins championships. So when it comes to defense think about what you’re doing and what you’re seeing. Finding a playbook that suit your style is important, but then I feel it is important to get the right player to fit into that playbook. It is become more and more common to for people to run base defense all game, but there are many weaknesses to this. Yes running base D is cheaper as you only have to buy 11 good players, but if you only have 2 cornerback and someone goes 5 wide do you really thing that your linebackers are going to be able to cover Calvin Johnson Jr on a streak. Personal I just don’t think about defensive player as playing on defense they also could be key players on your special team. Normally I have 3 or 4 formation I like to use on D so when it comes to crunch time in the game I can find them and do the set ups easy. At the end of the day with offensive players being given more and more crazy stats have a defense you feel comfortable with is important. A trick I have also done with playbook as some can a few thousand coins is look at a player coaching history. The Seahawks playbook at some points this year would have cost 1k to 2k coins, but if you want a cheaper version have a look at the Jaguars defensive playbook as Gus Bradley is the former defensive coordinator for the Seahawks and there is a lot of similar plays in both playbooks. So before picked a playbook you want to use take a second you might get one cheaper


  • Where you want to spend XP to Boost Your Players OVR

    League Crawler Spending XP in Madden 15

    Hey guys I wanted to touch base on a topic i find extremely important in any Madden Frachise. How and where to spend XP. In years past we have drafted that young rookie and either forced him into the starter role or watched him become a complete waste of space on the bench. But if you follow a few important steps you won't have to worry about that anymore. First thing i recommend is purchase the xp boost for your coach when you have enough. Also obviously look at your players DEV rating. It cost 15000 xp per tier to upgrade from slow, normal, quick, superstar. You also want to work on your player consistency. This is key for working on your young talent that aren't ready to start. There is something you need to consider and determine on multiple levels before you spend your xp hours on certain players, Do their expensive ratings warrant future investment? After you have done this your next step is as simple as performing well in game. Once you have the necessary prerequisites (Development and Consistency) you will notice the xp you have at your disposal is enough xp to turn your young rookie into the superstar you dreamed of having on your roster.




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