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  • Dynamic Content Using RSS Feeds

    League Crawler Dynamic Content Using RSS Feeds

    For this week I wanted to write a little about how you can use RSS feeds to help your site look and feel more like an ESPN type site.  I’ve noticed while browsing through the league profiles we have here at League Crawler that a lot of leagues like their members to write little game summaries after their games and have a picture or something included in the write-up.  Some leagues make this mandatory and others just allow for it when the owner feels like writing something.  My league was part of the latter because I found that, even for myself, it can be hard to ALWAYS find time to do a write-up that was interesting and enjoyable enough to read.  That said, I wanted to ensure that, when people did write stuff, it got read by our community.  My goal with my league website was to create a hub where the owners could come, see what’s going on, communicate and schedule all in one place instead of having to click a different page for the forum, for the chat box, etc.  Having everything in one place is essential to keeping your community engaged.


  • April 2015 - League of the Month - - League Crawler - League of the Month - April 2015 - Madden 15 - PS4

    Hey guys - it's already April and summer is almost here! In these months it can be hard to find a Madden league that's still active and playing games. That said, it's my pleasure to introduce you to I have had some time to get to know the leader of this site and it really seems like they are doing a lot right there. Spoiler Alert if you don't know anything about these guys, they are not a SIM league, nor are they free to play. They are a pay to play and cash reward site that is very busy with multiple leagues and tournaments. I I have personally only been involved in SIM leagues but I think it's interesting how diverse the Madden community is and it is cool that players of all types can find leagues to play in. I encourage everyone that is looking for a league to check these guys out and see what they have to offer. In the article, OFLNOW's commissioner mentions a player in his league that was thinking about quitting because he wasn't competitive vs. the tough competition in the league. He then talks about how that player reached out and helped the other guy learn some more advanced concepts and plays in the game that made him better.

  • Off Season Tactics and how to plan accordingly

    League Crawler - Off Season Planning - Madden 15

    Planning for the off season.

    The draft.


  • Ideas To Help You Run Your League

    League Crawler Ideas to Help You Run Your League

    Hey guys - I wanted to start putting together some articles on tools and ideas to help you better run your leagues. The biggest part of running a league is communication and it can be difficult to decide the best ways for your leagues to stay in contact with each other. In the Madden community, there are several types of ways guys choose to run and manage their leagues:


  • How to Effectively Scout and Draft

    League Crawler Tips for Effective Scouting Madden 15

    Hey guys i wanted to go over something that I get alot of questions about on a weekly basis. Alot of people really struggle with scouting and drafting players. So id like to to give some insight on how to effectively scout and draft. First thing you wanna do is save your coach xp until you can buy the expert scout package. I usually purchase this after i purchase the XP player boost package. So lets focus in on the Nose Tackle.


  • March 2015 - League of the Month - NEFL

    NEFL - League Crawler - League of the Month - March 2015 - Madden NFL 15

    After a few months off due to work, League Crawler is back with another League of the Month! If you're looking for a great PS4 league to join, either for Madden 15 or beyond, give these guys a look. They make excellent use of their user forum, have been around for 10 seasons - did you catch that? TEN SEASONS. They also make great use of twitter for league communication with _NEFL monikers for all their teams. They even have draft news on a Todd McShay NEFL twitter handle. Their innovative use of Twitter to keep their members engaged is pretty cool. I've followed many of their handles for a while now and even though I'm not in theor league, I find all their activity interesting. They are currently in the off-season of year 10 and still going strong which is no easy feat. I recommend them and wish the guys at NEFL the best going forward. I asked commissioner DJazzyJefff23 to comment on some league related things. Here's what he had to say: 1. How long have you been a Madden player?

  • Why SGO is right about how to draft a QB in Madden

    I wanted to share a link to this article for you guys in case you didn't see it this week. One of the sites featured in League Crawler's League of the Week, SGO posted some great tips on drafting in Madden. I know in the league I ran, some guys were awesome at drafting and others were mediocre at best (myself being in that group). A lot of guys used guides an stuff but I always chose to do it the legit way. Some of that's changed a bit with how the game has changed so I think more guys are having to fins players through scouting instead of through Google. As a quick guide, SGO offered some great advice for how to draft players. You can read the rest of the in-depth artice here.

    Here's the order of how to spend scouting points on a QB in Madden:

    QB – [THP] / SAC, MAC, DAC, SPD


  • League Crawler is looking for writers!

    Hey guys, thanks for all the support over the past few months as we've seen League Crawler come to life. The greatest thing about the community we're creating is that it's user driven and represents you. Our goal at League Crawler is to provide information and news that is pertinent to you, the league gamer and commissioner. That said, there are only so many hours in the day, only so many things I can read and honestly, even if I could spend all my time on LC, I could only represent a fraction of the content people want.

    So, what I am looking for are gamers and commissioners that have a passion for gaming, leagues, others and have the ability to give an opinion. I'm looking for people that want to write articles about everything from new games, features, reviews, great leagues, trends and anything else out there that people care about to write for our site. Maybe you just have some opinions you want to get off your chest, maybe you want to practice your writing chops, maybe you want to build a resume of journalism or editing and need a place to begin. League Crawler would love to talk to you and see where your skills fit!


  • League of the Month - October 2014 - SGO

    League Crawler League of the Month October 2014 Madden 15 PS4

    When League Crawler first launched back in March 2014, we had a lot of leagues check us out and come on board pretty quickly. SGO was one of the first and was actually featured in our League of the Week feature, back when I though that was viable - grin. Since re-launching, it seemed we could do a better job of featuring leagues the right way by doing a League of the Month feature and really spend time looking for the best of the best out there and featuring them. With that, I'm proud to feature SGO as October's League of the Month! If you take some time to get to know SGO, you'll actually find we could name this feature, Leagues of the Month because SGO is more of a network of great leagues instead of just one league. In the Madden league I used to run, some of the guys would occasionally suggest I create another league to run with it - which was crazy because of how much work it is to get guys to fill one league and run it every day. That said, check out what SGO is doing - they have a network of several leagues from several games - Madden, NBA2K and MLB The Show - all running under the same umbrella and leadership.

  • NBA 2K15 Online League News

    League Crawler NBA 2K15 Online League News

    I love feature reveals and for my money, does the best job at getting and releasing news about games that gamers actually care about. If you aren't reading, I highly suggest you do so. This article from his site came recently and in it he highlights some of the features about NBA2K15's Online League features. I know some of our gamers here at League Crawler have or play in either an NBA or MLB league as well, so it's nice to see some details for the upcoming NBA2K title. I admit, I've never played in a NBA league so some of this stuff is very new, but coming from being a Madden commish, I have to say, a lot of it sounds really cool. Here's a excerpt/snapshot from




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