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  • Get The Most Out Of League Crawler

    Good morning to everyone! I wanted to write up a quick article that will end up going out in the newsletter on October 1 when we select the October League of the Month to remind everyone of League Crawler's main goal. Here's what we're all about:

    1. Rating and reviewing players - This is our number one focus and the reason League Crawler was created. For some reason, it's been hard to get buy-in on this subject but rest assured, our focus has not changed. What do I mean? Well, if you haven't already figured it out, League Crawler is not just a site where commissioners can go to advertise their league. We want to help leagues become better places by exposing the players that hurt leagues for what they are and elevate the status of guys that have good reputations for their merits. We cannot accomplish this task unless our members continually login to the site and add a rating and review for each player they've played. I know you have something to say about some of the guys you've played - here's your chance!


  • Madden De-Sync Issues Linger

    I wanted to pass this along to hopefully get as much visibility on this issue as possible since it crosses over into some of the stuff I've been talking about for years and did an article on recently - See, what the developers of CFM don't seem to understand (in my humble opinion) is that gamers don't play games inside a Q/A environment and only a few at a time. Gamers have other jobs and hobbies and they MAKE TIME to play these games and when something doesn't work, they don't always have the time to make up. When someone can't play, doesn't schedule a game, bails or flakes out, quits or worse, EA's servers flip out (like what's going on now with the de-sync stuff) it kills the players in a league. So, again, from me and others like me (i.e. pastapadre, as seen below) please give commissioners the ability to sim a game to a specific result and stop adding features like "see how many times a cpu game is played" that doesn't really matter to real leagues!


  • League of the Month - September 2014 - MOF

    League Crawler League of the Month September 2014 Madden 15 PS4

    Here at League Crawler, we are dedicated to providing gamers the ability to rate each other and any league they are currently or ever been a part of. Our goal is to help each Madde, NBA2K, MLB The Show, etc player have the ability to have their voice heard and then use the collection of opinions and ratings to help leagues and gamers make better decisions who they choose to spend their time playing with. That said, we at League Crawler are always searching through our roster of leagues for the best of the best and put a well deserved spotlight on them for why they are so great. For our first League of the Month, we looked closely at over 31 league profiles on League Crawler and chose the one that had the most votes, an overall 9.5 score and plenty of good comments from League Crawler members. MOF Football on PS4 for Madden 15 is September 2014's League of the Month. One of the things that struck me about MOF was something that plenty of leagues want, some really strive for and only a few actually achieve - longevity.

  • Madden Commish Tool Wish List #2 - SIM to Result

    League Crawler Commish Tool Wish List #2 SIM to Result

    Hey guys - my second edition of Madden commissioners we need, I'm taking on the subject of simmed games. I know I and a ton of other commissioners have been screaming for this for a long time but the reality is, this is sorely lacking from the game and is needed badly to help leagues run smoothly. I can't understand why things like "reset cap penalty" and "see how many times a game has been started" are features that take precedence over Sim to Result. The only way I understand that is from the angle that, none of the developers actually run a league and don't know what commissioners put up with. The bottom line is, leagues are full of all kinds of players. Some are fantastic - they are active, play their games and play them fairly. Other guys are cheats from day one. (Side note - this is the reason League Crawler exists by the way) It wouldn't be a big deal if you could guarantee that guys are all playing by the same set of rules, but the fact is - some guys come in and simply will not comply. The problem is, it's not in a vacuum - the bad play of one guy can affect another guy's whole season.


  • Madden Commish Tool Wish List #1 - Roster Control

    Madden Commish Tool Wish List #1 - Roster Control - League Crawler

    Today marks the beginning of a series dedicated to some Commissioner tools for the Madden NFL series that I think are sorely missing and why they are so desperately needed. As a seven season veteran commissioner of a PS3 Madden league, I can tell you first hand why these features are needed so badly and how they would help Madden leagues become better places to play and commish. The first one in the series I simply call Roster Control. What kills me the most about this missing commissioner tool in Madden is that, in some ways, previous Madden games had it. The latest Madden iteration I remember to allow roster control was Madden 10. That was the first Madden game that I recall the commissioner having some super-user like ability to move players between rosters as needed. I ran a relatively unsuccessful Madden league for Madden 10 and found out the hard way how difficult it can be (hence, the reason for League Crawler). The one that that was great was this roster control. That said, it lacked the necessary capabilities to really make it what it needs to be. For Madden 10, the control was basically limited to being able to drag/drop a player from one roster to another.


  • League Of The Month Coming!

    League Crawler - League Of The Month Coming!

    Hey League Crawlers! I wanted to let you know that starting in September 2014, we will be showcasing our first League of the Month! Remember, League Crawler is not just a site for Madden Leagues - any gaming league can have a page at League Crawler and be reviewed and rated by other gamers. That said, we want to showcase the best of the best every month by selecting one league that stands out from the rest. That league will be featured on the League Crawler home page, in the news scroller and in the new League Crawler newsletter. Here's how it will work:


  • Madden 15 CFM Video

    Madden 15, M15, CFM, League Crawler, leaguecrawler, football, Connected Franchise

    Hey guys - check out this quick video for Madden 15's CFM mode. I've already talked about the mode relatively in depth but this video gives some visuals to the mode's details. As I said before, I'm (yet again) disappointed with the lack of commish tools, I am pretty excited about the in game drills. The last time I remember playing drills was Madden 03 (even though I think other games after '03 had them too) and it was awesome. The RB challenge mode was my favorite. I remember playing that so much that I got blisters on my thumbs since a gold level earned you Barry Sanders to play with. The other drill I remember playing a lot, although I can't remember if it was in Madden 03 or 05 was the QB pocket drill where there were tennis ball cannons all around that shot at you while you tried to complete passes. I played that a ton too. I'm really hoping the drills in M15 are similar and fun to play, independent of their integration into CFM mode. I'll likely spend a lot of time with them if they are. What do you guys think? What was your favorite drill in previous Madden games?



    Well, it's finally here. The big reveal! Madden NFL 15 CFM news. Here's the highlights from the EA release and a few thoughts I have on it:


  • Madden Feature Comparison - M07 - M13

    League Crawler Madden Feature Comparison - M07 - M13

    I've been a Madden gamer since M98 on PC. I have faithfully purchased the game every year except M11 (due to the introduction of Game Flow, which I thought was bogus to spend time on and boycotted). We all know the gripe with EA over Madden is that, because of the exclusive NFL license, the game doesn't have competition and therefore doesn't advance as much as it should be. I've said for years that it goes even further. The game doesn't progress each year, it regresses because the designers constantly force ideas/modes/changes that no one wants and instead, add stuff we don't want. Even worse is that they usually rip that stuff out the following year and replace it with other stuff people don't want. I'm not completely dogging Madden or saying it's not a good game. What I'm saying is, any product that is released over time like Madden - especially on a yearly basis, should EVOLVE every year - not devolve or attempt to re-invent the wheel. Figure out what you do best and make that better. Build on it. Don't keep creating stuff you don't know will work. Do that once the product is perfect and there's nothing left to build on.


  • First Bits of CFM News Revealed

    League Crawler - More M15 CFM News

    Several sites over the past few days have been quoting Game Stop's CFM news sighting. It's the first news we've seen so far, but hey - it is news!




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