Are you tired of temporary leagues? Look no further.

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Are you tired of temporary leagues? Look no further.

CFM is the most fun madden has to offer and yet it is rarely done properly. Sure, fantasy drafts with your 4 or 5 buds is fun and playing it by yourself can be just as rewarding, but nothing compares to a proper 32 man league. One with rules that restrict cheese but still allow versatile play styles. One with a democratic rules system that changes when the league's opinion changes. One with a core group of guys that are in it to win it, and have a damn good chance of doing it. But most important is that the league is guaranteed not to crumble and wither away after 2 or 3 seasons.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////If this sounds like an interesting use of your time, then The Revival may be for you. Founded in Madden 16 we have had constant high talent matchups and a consistent group of core users that are apart of a league that will never die. Whether you're good at the game, bad at the game, or just love the game - we have a spot for you!////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////The Revival is a fantasy draft league and it always will be. We have 48 hour vances and although we have alot of rules (rule polls at the end of every year have summed up rather heftily) none of them are too extreme. We are in the end of our 5th year in Madden 18 and just like every league, we have had our fair share of slugs. These slugs have been recently cut loose from our league and there are some quality teams still available. If you think you might be interested please read through some of our rules and see if this may be for you. Please email me your groupme email or phone number if you want in. Thanks for your time.] //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// email to reach me is:


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