Madden Nation (free to join SIM PS4 prize league$$$)

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Madden Nation (free to join SIM PS4 prize league$$$)

To start we have been around and operated successfully since Madden13 that's 5+ yrs of league gaming 
We offer SMALL PSN CARDS to loyal active users 
Madden Nation is more like family and looks forward to adding more to it 
Must join our webpage 
Must download GroupMe messenger app WE TAKE RULES VERY SERIOUS 
Preseason YR1 
Start date Sundayay 1/20 (could change) 
48hr advance 
All madden 
7 minute qtrs 
Accelerated clock OFF 
ALL TEAMS AVAILABLE USERS SEND A LIST OF 3 they like and we accommodate as best we can 
For more details here's my contact info 
Psn- bornwinner8713 
Webpage- (has rules)


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