NFL THE LEAGUE: In search of many league players

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NFL THE LEAGUE: In search of many league players

Hey everybody,I had a league running & I am now searching for players, due to a co-commissioner editing all his players attributes & abused his power. I have enough speculation to believe he was running two names as well. So, I have to restart and reset the league.We use custom sliders, it is a simulation style league. NFL THE LEAGUE used to be a top M10, M11, M12 & M13 league - used to have over 100+ players on a waiting list. We have a daddyleague site, we use youtube & we have a youtube league channel. We use the PS4 messenger, the madden companion app & I will use groupme when we have a full 32 players and running as active.Commissioners are welcome, everyone is welcome.Sincerely,PSN: StriKingFuller   


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