Two Minute Warning looking for a few solid owners

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Two Minute Warning looking for a few solid owners

Two Minute Warning is currently in its 5th Madden cycle.  It is a long time SIM league based at Operation Sports.  It has the rep as one of the most sim and best ran leagues there, and is owned by an Op Sports mod.Double no switch, trade rules, playstyle sim rules (such as no swerve catching or running), basically lobby ballers need not apply.  We advance every 72 hours max, but usually earlier.We have a solid base of long time vets but are always turning over that last 10 or so spots each year.  We would like to fill the league up now and in the process find owners that will return for Madden 19 and be solid contributers and league members then as well.We are in mid-season 4 (after simming season 3) and  currently have the following teams open:Colts, Broncos, Chiefs, Steelers, Packers, and can give up the Redskins as well, as a member is on leave with them and doesnt look to be coming back.Check out to view the rosters and current happenings.We primarily use Discord for communication, and have an active, fun community on our Discord server.  If interested, hit me up, on here, PSN (gameface1324), etc.


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