Friends of League Crawler


Sinnce we started, League Crawler has been my project in the hopes the community would catch on, see its value and become a trusted and reliable tool.  To help make that happen, we opened up a donations button on our site and have been blown away with the amount of support we've received from the community.  We have a "Top 10" supporters wall here as well, but I feel it's important to recognize our "First 10" supporters too. So, this list will not change as long as League Crawler is running.  The amounts of these donations are less significant as the fact that these 10 people/leagues/groups are the first to dig into their pockets and provide their financial support to this site.  For that, I can only say thank you and promise you this forever spot on my site as a way of saying thanks.  That said, there are still a few spots left so, if you'd like a spot, claim it now!




$500 or more donated

$100 - $499 donated

$50 - $99 donated

$1 - $49 donated


Beyond financial contributions, League Crawler has been blessed to make some great friends in the Madden Community and the Sports Gaming Community in General.  We reccommend you check out the following sites and follow them on Twitter!

Albidnis - @albidnis on Twitter.  Graphic designer, website creator and a heck of a nice guy.  He re-designed the League Crawler logo in May 2016.  Be sure to visit his website at

MBL - @BomberLeague on Twitter. League Crawler does not have an official league, but as the winners of the 2016 League of the Year, MBL is a league you should be watching.  Full immersion, podcasts, video content, a development league, giveaways and MAJOR buy-in from their members.  Madden Bomber League is a great league to join on XBOX1 if you're looking.  Check out their website at

NEFL - @NEFL16 on Twitter.  NEFL and some of their guys are among the earliest members of League Crawler and a very faithfully and well run league.  They pride themselves on their #1Family and are a great league on PS4 to join if you can find a spot.

SGO - @SportsGamersOn on Twitter.  Sports Gaming Online is a great place to find news, tips, info and everything else you want to know about Sports Gaming.  They provide a lot of the "what does it mean to me" kind of news and articles that gamers actually need and can use.  A very valuable resource and very worth your time to check out.


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